The Floors, Walls and Acoustics Company

Golesworthy is a family owned business and has been established for over 20 years and is now being run by the next generation. Succession planning is always a challenge for any business not least when it is owned by a family. In business you sometimes have to separate yourself from emotion to make a neutral decision that is best for the future of the business and assess whether you have the right people with the right skillsets to take it forward to the next level. Our role for Golesworthy was to make sure they had the appropriate plan and team to support the directors to grow the business.

Market forces constantly change which is certainly no different for the construction industry, which has been hit hard by the current financial climate. We put sales processes and targets in place that hold the team accountable for their performance.

Our strategic planning also spotted potential gaps in the market that we could move into through a short, medium and long term program of activity.

We are as passionate today as when my father started the business in 1988 but the commercial landscape looks very different now than it did back then. Which is why we have to think and act in a new dynamic way. We have a fantastic heritage in our business with numerous proven case studies, which we are using to break into untapped or poorly serviced markets.

The quality of contract services in the construction industry varies enormously and the Blaze Ahead team have helped us understand how to play to our strengths and stand out in a cost driven marketplace. The strategy, planning and processes put in place will give us good foundations for growth and secure the future of the business for the next generation of the family.”

Tom Golesworthy – MD Golesworthy Flooring