The Contemporary Artificial Flower Company

Floriture is set to become the UK’s leading artificial flower company, driven by its owners Jules and Alex Whitfield. Creating a company from scratch is always challenging but when you are re-educating and changing the perception of the market it adds another dimension. As with most of our clients we started with a 90 day program, allowing us to get under the skin of the business and understand the appropriate course for their needs. Sales and marketing was one of the biggest challenges for Floriture and how best to use the capital investment to gain momentum and get orders through the door. We also helped challenge the business plan, testing to see if the growth plan was viable and what would be the best KPI’s to benchmark success. We are proud to work with Floriture and to be part of their success and we look forward to going on the journey with them.

 “I am not new to business or the challenges of creating a start-up company but there are two things that are so important in the early stages, perspective and accountability. I have worked with Tee and her team for over five years with my current business and previous ones for these exact reasons and much more.

Arrogance in business is dangerous, it’s not about what you think you know but what you think you can see. Any seasoned business person will tell you that you have to have your sights fixed on a goal, a stake in the ground. They will also tell you that the journey is never a straight line or a smooth road and this is where Tee adds value. Getting you back on track, making sure the stake is in the right place and overcoming the inevitable obstacles that you will face. Complacency in business is also dangerous, never try and do it alone and never think you know it all. We all need a coach to maintain the will and training to keep us focused”

Alex Whitfield – MD