Start-up businesses

You’ve gone out with all guns blazing and then you discover business is really hard work. It shouldn’t be.

Common signs:

  • You try to sell to everybody without knowing who is most profitable and why
  • You change what you do for every client without knowing if it’s profitable at all
  • You search constantly for new customers and don’t know how get more business from existing ones
  • Your business swings from feast to famine
  • There are times when you struggle to pay bills
  • In sales meetings, objections often floor you
  • Cold calling sucks
  • You do some marketing but ‘marketing’ doesn’t work
  • Someone else starts doing what you’re doing and you start competing on price
  • There are times when you feel like chucking in the towel
  • Time with your family seems like ancient history

Where now?

The time has come to grip your business. These programmes will help you take your business forward: