Financial Strategies to Accelerate Growth

It’s no good having a brilliant sales plan if the business falls over because you’ve run out of cash.

Every client that chooses the Business Success coaching programme will benefit from at least two financial coaching sessions to ensure the key elements are in place. However, some businesses may need a little more help.

The full programme comprises six coaching/consultancy sessions tailored to your business’s specific needs, run by Blaze’s resident Chartered Accountant, Julian Portch. You will discover how to create sustainable, profitable growth.

Because we coach you through every stage, we can guarantee results. You’ll end up with a powerful financial strategy, along with the know-how to create all the management information you need, to reassure financiers and accelerate growth.

At the end of the programme, many clients realise how much they have benefitted from on-going financial advice and expertise on tap. However, hiring a full-time financial director is prohibitively expensive. That’s why many of them ask Julian to stay on as their virtual finance director.

Making it happen

  • You’ll receive all the tools you need to achieve this, along with templates you can use straightaway
  • Our experts will crunch all the numbers for you, leaving you free to focus on implementing change
  • At the end of the programme, you have the option to retain Julian Portch as a virtual finance director
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