Team Profiling and Recruitment Strategy

How do your people operate best? Are they instinctively creative or logical, co-ordinators or implementers, completer-finishers or team players? Are they results-oriented, or do they prefer getting into the weeds? Are they exuberant influencers do they prefer to work steadily behind the scenes?

While nobody likes to be pigeonholed, and nobody should be stereotyped, DISC and Belbin profiling will help you work to your people’s particular strengths. Meanwhile, understanding your own strengths better will enable you to lead your team more effectively.

Belbin and DISC profiling will help you:

  • Build outstanding teams
  • Develop positive, productive working relationships
  • Improve self-awareness and personal effectiveness
  • Foster trust and understanding

As accredited DISC and Belbin profilers, we will show you how to get your whole team working more in harmony, and help you identify the right personality for a given job when recruiting.You will also discover how to construct a robust organisational structure to take your business to the next stage.


Making it happen

  • You’ll receive all the tools you need to achieve this, along with templates you can use straightaway 
  • Our experts will go through all your team profiles with you to assess how to get the best from everyone on your team