Exit Strategy

You can’t take it with you, so at some point you will pass the business on to the next generation, or sell it, or close the doors and walk away.

Many business people think of their business as their pension plan; most will be doomed to penury in their old age because they didn’t plan their exit properly and handed far too much money to the taxman in the process.

If you plan to retire at 65, ideally you need to start planning at 55. Most people leave it much later than that, which is where we come in to our own – we help you accelerate all the presale preparation that needs to be done. In fact, the Blaze team has facilitated dozens of hugely successful exits.

If you’re selling, you will be guided through the process of gearing up the business so you can invite higher bids, and assessing prospective buyers. You will be alerted to all pitfalls and you will have done all the right tax planning, so you keep more of your nest egg.

If you’re handing on to the next generation, you’ll know how to develop their skills so they become confident and are soon flying along successfully.


Making it happen

  • You’ll receive all the tools you need to achieve this, along with templates you can use straightaway
  • Our experts will crunch all the numbers for you, leaving you free to focus on implementing change
  • We will pull in sector specialists and industry experts to help everyone in your organisation understand the key market and commercial issues from the outset
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