Presentation and Impact Skills

Whether you have to present to the board, financiers, your team, prospects or customers, our coaching is not about forcing you into a one-size-fits-all model. Together we help you find and polish the biggest person you can be, which is appropriate to your personal style.

You will take a personal journey that helps you become more confident and impactful, and develop authority and credibility so that people listen to you, take you seriously, believe in the proposition you are making and are influenced by you.

By the end of the coaching, you will know how to structure your message for greatest impact, and then ‘own it’ so that you always sound convincing. You will know how to control your environment. And while no-one can made stage-fright go away, you will also know how to harness your anxieties and fears to appear calm, poised and self-assured when you make your presentation.


Making it happen

  • You’ll receive all the tools you need to raise your game, along with templates for impactful presentations which you can use straightaway
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